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    Headquartered in New York, The E Tutor is a team of highly seasoned professionals who strive for brilliance at Online Tutoring and other educational services. We offer the most effective tools designed for Online Tutoring, to help people of all ages in learning a new Language, receiving after-school help.

    We offer an unmatched package of Online Tutoring services for easy and efficient learning. Our dedicated team of experienced and qualified tutors is available by appointment for whatever help is needed by their students. The E Tutor is committed to delivering the best to its users.
    We teach our students through our virtual classroom. The classroom has an embedded whiteboard, built-in video and voice chat, image uploading, file sharing and many more features. This revolutionary method of online teaching enables the student to receive a quality lesson in whatever subject he or she wishes, from the comfort of their home, dorm room or even at the beach!
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    Why choose us... What we believe in...
    Uniquely designed User-friendly/learner-friendly course.
    Integrity with core and ethical values that you demand.
    Instantaneous help.
    Timely delivery of study material/kit.
    World class tutors available by appointment.
    Flexible learning hours.
    Comprehensive study material.
    Enjoyable learning techniques for youngsters.
    Online face-to-face tutoring (schedule at your convenience).
    Unparalleled experience.
    Our mission is to make quality online learning affordable and accessible. We are dedicated to helping you score better at school, or helping you learn a language of your choice. We aim to serve people across the world with our online services.
    Our vision is to help students of all ages with our online services. We aim to constantly improve our programs through diligent research. The E Toddler program is the latest example of these efforts. The E Tutor strives for unmatched brilliance in Online Tutoring.
    Our commitment to you is a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your online tutoring experience, we request you to contact us and our management team will take the necessary steps to solve any problems encountered with our sessions.
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