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E-Toddler for Tiny-Tots
E-Toddler helps your child learn how to read & write letters and numbers, learn the names of months, house-hold items, food, fruits, flowers, birds and many more in simple and fun ways.
Our theory at The E Tutor is that children are drawn towards the computer at a very young age. As they head to school, many curriculums are incorporating technology more and more into lesson plans. By exposing your young child to E-Toddler program, he/she is becoming accustomed to working on a computer, as well as learning while doing so. The lessons are simple, educational, and fun. So give your child, grandchild, niece ,or nephew the gift of learning technology and important basic skills with E-Toddler, and enjoy watching their progress (and smiles).
Why choose E-Toddler?

Parents are busier than ever today, but still want the best for their kids. Preschoolers can also be resistant to receiving educational lessons from their parents (they would rather play). In order to give your young child the educational advantage they need, you have to teach them the basics before they begin preschool, or daycare.

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Key Features
Virtual Whiteboard
Free Handwriting Online tools
E-Toddler (Pricing)
$ 49
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