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The E Tutor is a global platform where majority of internationally spoken languages are offered.
At The E Tutor, with the help of Online tutorials and support from a live online tutor, you will surely find success with our language program. There are many language-learning programs in the marketplace, but we offer more than the teachings from recordings or online automated tutorials. The combination of studying independently, and having an actual teacher in addition to the tutorials for guidance and support will help keep you on track and motivated.
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After a research with the job opportunities available across the globe we found that the scope of multilingual personalities is in huge demand. In fact, industries and corporations are facing scarcity of multilingual manpower in this vertical. That is how we decided to design a course. Our language online courses along with language experts work wonders for anybody who is keen on learning a new language. We offer multiple languages.
Learn to read and write Hindi & Punjabi
We also teach how to read and write an Indian language such as Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Gujrati.
We have developed unique software for learning how to read and write in Hindi and Punjabi. With the help of online course ware and free handwriting tools your learning gains and unmatched experience. Many families from India who have settled abroad have been demanding for such course and we have been now been able to meet the requirement to a great satisfaction.
  Key Features
Virtual Whiteboard
Free Handwriting Online tools
Play-back facility
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Our commitment to you is a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your online tutoring experience, we ask that you contact us at, where our management team will take the necessary steps to helping you solve any problems encountered with our sessions.
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