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There are many SAT Prep programs available. The majority are only minimally effective; a select few teach you how to attain your maximum score increase. Some are only truly effective for a particular level of achievement. At The E Tutor, your curriculum will be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are struggling with the test, or you're already a high scorer who is looking for even more, you will be taught techniques that are appropriate for you.

We have an intimate knowledge of the SAT, and we teach a lot more than Math and English. Your tutor will work with you to break down and analyze your thought processes as you solve problems, and sculpt strategies that will yield marked improvements.

The E Tutor SAT Prep Course, was designed by Jon Siegelman, Ph.D., who has over 30 years experience teaching the SAT. The curriculum has been fine-tuned to maximize the potential of the one-on-one online setting.
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