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Confidence is such an important part of your success on test day. At iTutor, we believe it all starts with your confidence in our programs. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. Increase your SAT score with our program or study with us until you do.
Now more than ever the SAT score makes the biggest difference in college admissions. Universities are year after year assessing students from urban schools, borough schools, suburban schools, foreign schools and beyond. The SAT gives colleges the best way to assess students from anywhere, on an even playing field. This is why for the last 20 years the importance of the SAT’s for undergraduate admissions has risen across all colleges & universities. For this reason it is essential for parents & students to understand that admissions decisions are greatly driven by SAT scores and that Merit scholarship rewards averaging $ 3,000-5,000 per year are driven by SAT success. Getting into the college of choice is one of the most important achievements a student can hope to attain. Why leave it up to chance? Get the best score you can with the help of the specialists at iTutor.
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Our comprehensive online SAT prep course is designed to combine the latest technology in the education industry with SAT specialists that have over a decade of experience. This offers students the best solution for increasing SAT scores. Our program will teach the fundamental strategies to help improve scores, as well as goal analysis to pinpoint exactly what each student is trying to accomplish. We will then work as a team to achieve these goals and won’t stop until you feel you have done your best. You will be working with real educators through our live video and voice enabled online interactive platform, not the outsourced chat based programs you see with the competition. Our goal analysis, management, and SAT score improvement program has enabled 90% of iTutor students the opportunity to attend the University of their choice.
Testimonials From Our Students

“It felt like I hit a wall after my second SAT score was posted. iTutor helped me increase me  score by over 200 points, and I had fun while doing it.”
 Rachael P.

“With the help of iTutor, I improved my SAT score enough to gain acceptance to my reach  school.”
 Cori D.

“iTutor is fun and exciting, my teacher is down to earth and fun, she definitely knows her  stuff. My score went up 260 points.”
 Leslie J.

“All I can say is that I started with a 1900, took iTutor’s SAT course and ended up with a  2230.”
 Sarah A.

“iTutor has been an amazing help to me. After learning all of the strategies I need to know for  the SAT I feel confident enough to take the test..”
 Matt R.

“I would have never got into my first choice college without the help of iTutor’s sat course. It  increased my score over 310 Points!”
 John D.

iTutor offers several advantages that make our system unique:
  • Personalized assistance utilizing our online interface, which students can receive in the comfort    of their own home.
  • Tutors with highly specialized knowledge of each test section, and the techniques needed for    success.
  • A proprietary diagnostic test, identifying strengths and weaknesses in each area.
  • “A la carte” instruction,of each test section, and the techniques needed for success.
  • In today’s highly competitive scholastic environment, a standout SAT score is more critical than ever to receiving acceptance at your university of choice. With this pressure to perform comes a high level of stress. iTutor offers a system that takes a step-by-step, personalized approach to the SAT. We provide an introduction including comprehensive strategies, and guidance through the specifics of each of the three parts of the exam. Then we offer fine-tuned strategies for the types of questions you will see in each section, so there are no surprises.

    The SAT is a timed test, consisting of three parts. The Verbal section is composed of 78 questions which must be answered in 75 minutes. The Math section consists of 60 questions which must be answered in 75 minutes. At 60 minutes, the Essay section takes less time, but at 30% carries a near equal weight to the other sections.

    Nearly all students have strengths and weaknesses across the components. Our system is designed to empower you to maximize your strengths and overcome any weaknesses to achieve your best possible score on the SAT.

    iTutor SAT specialists will use over a decade of experience to help increase the score of one of the most important exams a student will take in his/her lifetime. We are so confident in our program that we offer the most comprehensive satisfaction guarantee in the industry. Increase your score or study with us again for free. That’s right, if you are not 100% confident in your ability to take the SAT exam after finishing our course, or you did not increase your score, study with us again for free until you do. Don’t leave it to chance. Get into the college you deserve, set yourself apart and achieve greatness starting her and now with iTutor’s SAT Program.