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Our Team
The Visionary and CEO of The E Tutor is Harry Aurora. The Co-founder and Managing Director is Preeti Aurora. Overseas operations are directed by Pranshu Anand. Our Board of Directors are Kamlesh Mehta and Mellisa Cohen.
The Center of Excellence is a team of seasoned tutors and language experts who check course material for quality, oversee the entire content of our courses, and are also available for online. They also help answer questions and address concerns of students.
A team of experienced teachers and translators provides course development for languages. This team is also guided by the Centre of Excellence team.
The Writing and Editing team develops all of our non-language courses. They provide numerous innovative ideas, and even write poetry and short stories for our English courses. This team also writes and edits our website content.
The Web Development team takes care of website development, designing and content placement. They aim to provide a comfortable, user-friendly environment for you.
Top-level programmers at The E Tutor develop and maintain our website, as well as mobile applications and podcasts.
The Quality Assurance team handles customer complaints, tests automation of scripting, and diagnoses software issues with mobile and podcast platforms. They continuously improve our services.
This team oversees online branding of the company, corporate communication, search engine optimization (SEO), writing interesting newsletters & blogs and building a networking channel for sales.
This team is dedicated to helping our loyal customers. You may register feedback with our Customer Care Team.
This department seeks excellent individuals for better operations and client/customer satisfaction. They also ensure that we maintain our outstanding profile, policies and culture at The E Tutor.
Tutors for Online Tutoring and Language Learning make up this team. They ensure that every student enjoys the session and learns with complete understanding. They give their best to keep our students relaxed, and give individual attention to every student. Language Learning is also overseen by the Language Experts in the Centre Of Excellence.
The Tech Support team takes care of the face-to-face Sessions between the learner and tutor. They maintain hardware and software at The E Tutor. The "Tech-Check" that is done for the tutor & the student/learner before they start with their sessions is smartly taken care of by our Tech team. They are experts in troubleshooting.
The E Tutor aspires to continuously improve the tutoring programs. We are extremely selective about the people who join our team.

Currently, there are fourteen departments at The E Tutor, each of which strives to deliver its best. Have a look at the miracle workers who make up The E Tutor team.
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