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"My college courses were really overwhelming to me, until Don from The E Tutor helped me get organized and walked through each assignment in the syllabus with me. "
-–Taj Austin, age 19
"My tutor shared a story on the computer with me that had my name in it! Then we answered questions together."
- Kayla Meyers, age 9
"I love reading with my tutor after camp!"
- Alex Carros, age 7
"I used to have to go to a tutoring center during Summer vacation. Now my tutor comes to me, right to my computer screen. Very cool."
- Sandy Leonardi, age 12
"I wasn’t sure if my son would pay attention to a tutor online, but he’s glued to the screen!"
- Marie Lucas, Parent
"Some tutoring centers feel like factories. Our experience with TheETutor has felt very warm and personalized. From the moment I signed my daughter up, a course coordinator worked with me on evaluating her, scheduling sessions, and always checked in to make sure everything was going well."
- John Berger, Parent
"Before I came to The E Tutor for tutoring, I really disliked reading. But now I have a lot of fun when I read during my spare time. Every week, I'm excited to attend class. Best part, it is online! "
- " -Alex Wright, 4th grade
"I dreaded Math up to 10th grade because it was always challenging. However, after a few weeks at The E Tutor, math became much easier. I am definitely going to use The E Tutor's SAT Math tutoring too. "
- Rod Johnson, 11th grade
"I used to ask my friends many questions every night for homework, but now I am the one answering their questions. The E Tutor definitely helped me get a better understanding of Biology. I am even thinking of taking AP Biology next year after the help and success. "
- Steven Lee, 10th grade
"Homework took up all my time when I was in middle school. I wanted to put an end to this before entering high school. So, I went to The E Tutor Summer Academy to prepare me for the 9th grade. I can gladly say, the effort put in by the tutors was great. Best part, I never had to leave my home to get tutored, tutoring was done online. "
- Kyle Camstro, 9th grade
"Usually, most tutoring companies I have gone to in the past would have me come to a company location. However, The E Tutor is online, so I never had to leave my house! The online factor was cool because my tutor could bring up resources from anywhere on the web. "
- Amit Patel, 10th grade
"I took the SAT in March for the first time. Sadly, I did not score as high as I wanted. I knew if I was going to retake the SAT in June, then I needed a tutor. The E Tutor provides one on one SAT tutoring. The tutor was able to focus on my needs unlike other SAT tutoring programs, which are oversized and have to deal with guidelines. Even better, I scored higher on my SAT and I never had to leave my home to recieve this tutoring. "
- Jeff Stone, 12th grade
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